what's cooking in Lucca....

For years I have been toying with the idea of teaching people how to cook "Italian" - not in the most common sense of this term (i.e. learning how to make pasta, a variety of sauces, and bla bla) but in what I consider the real sense of cooking Italian (i.e. cooking like someone who lives, cooks and eats in Italy every day)

I have had some experience in teaching people how to cook and some great unsolicited publicity in the Philadelphia Daily News and on as well!

During my Cagli experience I was also mentioned in an article by Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs on

Now I think I have reached a moment in my life where I am ready to start this adventure through blogging! I hope you will enjoy reading and making my recipes!


  1. I took this shot while I was in Lucca. Your shot is what my mind envisioned.

    1. just seeing this rita!! I love walking that piece of road around the walls!