Bresaola, one of Italy's lesser know taste treats!!

Bresaola is a delicious cold cut from northern Italy and frequently used as an antipasto.  Most typically it is served sliced paper thin on a bed of arugola with flakes of Parmesan cheese and seasoned with ground black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.
But today I wanted to something a bit more "extravagant"! Even though it is still quite chilly, I am already in a Spring mindset and have started to think about putting together some delicious no-cook meals for the warmer months!

Now since you may not be able to find Bresaola where you live, either you can check the list of similar products in the Wikipedia link above - or - you can substitute the Bresaola with smoked Tavern ham, Italian Prosciutto or Pastrami which I think would all be delicious in this recipe.

This is the first of my no-cook "inventions"! Whether you serve it as a tasty appetizer or as a light summer luncheon or dinner dish, you are sure to get rave reviews! So here goes!

Donna's Delicious Bresaola and Ricotta Rolls

Ingredients for a platter for 2 people
2 large mushrooms
1 bunch of arugola (in English, rocket or roquette in French)
1 small bunch fresh chives
1 small shallot (fresh scallions may be used)
1/2 cup low fat ricotta
8 very thin slices of Bresaola
Extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper
First, wash and drain the arugola. Lightly season it with very little salt and extra virgin olive oil. Arrange it on a serving plate or you can prepare two individual plates. I fixed one platter to share with my husband.
 Next, clean the mushrooms and slice one of them very thinly.
Arrange the mushroom slices on top of the arugola.

 Next, finely chop the shallot and chives and add to the ricotta in a small dish.
 Now finely chop the other mushroom and add to the ricotta, shallots and chives.
Mix well with a fork. You  may add salt, but I don't because the meat is quite savoury.
 Take the thin slices of meat one at a time and
 spread each with 1/8 of the filling and roll up the slice of meat. Arrange the bresaola rolls on the bed of arugola and mushrooms. Drizzle a little extra virgin oil over the bresaola rolls and finish with some freshly ground pepper. That's all there is to it!
ahhhhh and as Julia Child would have said, had she spoken Italian....



  1. This Looks Delicious. I love the idea of using ricotta to stuff the appetizer...