Easy PEASY pork fried rice, Italian style!

 When I looked in the fridge to see what I could turn into dinner today (in Italy we eat our main meal at about 1pm), I saw mushrooms and a couple of pork chops ... and I immediately thought of pork fried rice... I used to love ordering that at my fav Chinese Restaurant on Rte. 27 in New Jersey between Princeton and New Brunswick - A Kitchen. I wonder if it's still there!?
I guess I could have made a risotto.. but it takes so long and keeps you at the stove.. ladling that broth into the rice as it slowly cooks over a very low heat... delicious but definitely not for me today... 12:30 ... I got a late start! And since we are living in a global world a little cuisine contamination is ok! The ingredients are reminiscent of Pasta alla Boscaiolo (woodsman style) made with mushrooms, pork sausage and peas and the method is reminiscent of oriental fried rice dishes. The result was delicious!

So here goes:
Ingredients for 2 or 3 servings

Whole grain rice, 1 cup (you can substitute white rice)
2 or 3 small pork chops, with bone and fat removed
1/2 lb mushrooms
1 1/2 cups frozen peas
white wine
extra virgin olive oil
fresh parsley, minced, to taste
freshly grated parmigiano cheese, to taste
salt and freshly ground pepper, to tast

Cook the rice according to the directions on the package. I cooked mine in vegetable broth, but plain salted water is fine.

While the rice cooks:
Dice the pork into small pieces
clean and slice the mushrooms

In a large, non-stick fry pan (go for the wok if you have one), quickly saute a couple of cloves of garlic in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil over high heat, add the meat and lightly brown. Add the sliced mushrooms, a 1/2 cup of white wine, salt and pepper to taste. Lower heat, cover and allow to simmer until meat is tender (mine took about 20 minutes or so). Add frozen peas (you can substitute fresh if you want) and return to a simmer for about 5 min.

Remove the cover from the pan, raise the heat and allow liquid to evaporate; add about 2 T olive oil. When it sizzles, add the cooked, drained rice and stir for about few minutes. Add the minced parsley.
Serve with lots of freshly grated parmigiano cheese.
That's it!

                                                                                                      BUON APPETITO!