Pauline's Roast Pork Tenderloin with Mustard and Cabbage

Hello my cooking friends!
Today was a very busy day for me... I cleaned my desk and that in itself was a herculean task!
I also had a few urgent we want it yesterday translations to do so lunch time came and went before I even realised what time it was! I made a quick dish of pasta with a ham, onion and cream sauce - a real 10 minute dish! But did not take the time to document it! I will another time... I promise!

To make up for the missing lunch... I DID document my dinner tonight! The recipe was passed on to me in conversation while visiting with my cousin Paolina (!!!) this past fall. We were truly fortunate to have Pauline and her husband, Ed, here in Lucca for more than a month! What fun! They rented a beautiful apartment in the walled part of the city and it was so wonderful to have my cousins here to visit with! Some of their children and grandchildren also visited - a double blessing!

But back to tonight's dinner! I may have slightly changed Pauline's recipe ... you know when you exchange recipes verbally and don't write them down, that's how it goes!

I served it with rice so, put your rice on to cook. I used whole grain rice. When it's cooked, either season with extra virgin olive oil  (that's what I did) or butter (equally delicious, I am sure) and keep it hot.

Preheat the oven to 400°F

Ingredients for 3
1 large pork tenderloin (mine was about 1 lb or so)
1/2 head of cabbage (you could use a whole head, I had a half a head left from yesterday's pizzoccheri!)
2 small or 1 large onion
Prepared mustard - I used a French Dijon, but good old Coleman's will do fine
1/2 cup white wine
salt and pepper to taste
Coarsely chop the onions
Coarsely chop the cabbage

Brown the whole tenderloin over high heat, I didn't use any oil or grease
When seared and browned on all sides, remove to a dish

Sauté the onions in about a tablespoon of olive oil,

when translucent add the cabbage,
salt and pepper to taste, add the white  wine, cover and let it steam for about 5 min until the cabbage starts to wilt.

In the meantime spread the tenderloin with lots of that delicious mustard.

 Remove the vegetables to an over proof casserole.

Put the tenderloin, mustard side down, on top of the cabbage. Slather the mustard on the top side of the tenderloin. If the wine has all evaporated add about 1/4 cup water.

Cover with foil and put in a hot oven.
Cook for about 30 min, or until the meat is done the way you like it

Remove from oven.
Slice the tenderloin and serve with the onions and cabbage over rice.

and.. as Julia Child would have said... had she spoken Italian...BUON APPETITO!



  1. We're going to try it this weekend! xoxo Lori and Jeff in Hamilton Square, NJ

  2. let me know how it comes!!!
    I will be looking to the moon!

  3. Glad you tried it and thanks for the acknowledgement.