The game plan!

I have been receiving feedback on the blog through my mom first of all - who sent the link to lots of her friends! I can always count on my mom for encouragement and a cheering section!! Thank you mom!
And then I got a note from Steve - a friend from my childhood in Florissant, Mo. What wonderful memories I have of those years! Late 1950s early 1960s - life sure was different then!
I love the internet especially for this! Reconnecting with people! Steve may have gotten the link from his mom, one of my mom's good friends or even from my mom! He didn't say... but while responding to him I got carried away, as I often do! ... this is part of what I wrote, I am sure he won't mind if I share it with all of you too!
Here is a picture for all of you that knew me in the Florissant years!!

When we moved to Italy, one of the biggest changes for me was that the main meal (pranzo) is usually eaten in the middle of the day! If you are a working mother that makes things a bit crazy. Either you prepare the night before (which I never could seem to do!) or you learn how to "move" in the kitchen and orchestrate your cooking! Pasta is a good ingredient for doing this and it is generally the mainstay of the midday meal, followed by some cheese, salad and fruit it makes quite a satisfying meal! My game plan is 1) Put the pot on to boil and start fixing what you need for the sauce 2) when the water boils put in the pasta to cook 3) finish up the sauce, make a salad and if no one has done it yet, set the table 4) season the pasta and.. that's it! I can usually do this in the 15 or 20 minutes it takes everyone to get ready to come to the table. The kids would come home for school at lunch time, go to the bathroom, wash-up, tell their father what they had done.. I would be moving like Flash Gordon in the kitchen and would catch up on the news at the table. Now I work at home and it is usually my husband and me for "pranzo" but my game plan has remained much the same!!

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